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QQ图片20181228103742.jpgSichuan QianJiu machinery manufacturing co., LTD(Q9MM) is a professional precision machinery parts and components manufacturing enterprises, mainly for the energy, and other industries to provide complete and maintenance with all kinds of spare parts. Production base is located in guanghan economic development zone of chengdu road 2 paragraph 10, covers an area of 50 mu, the standard factory building 22000 square meters. With more than 150 employees, including technical management personnel more than 20 people.

Through unremitting efforts, our factory’s comprehensive management level, technology level, equipment level and got great development, has formed annual output of 200000 pieces of the manufacturing capability of all kinds of spare parts. We have imported from Germany SPKA5000 type high energy screw press, 1250 kw intermediate frequency induction furnace, 1000 t hydraulic press,16T forging hammer forging equipment. We offer our customers both at home and abroad from raw materials procurement to finished product service. IN numerical control section,we has precision horizontal machining center, numerical control section in 4-axis linkage machining center, 5-axis linkage machining center, large CNC gantry machining center and so on a large number of international first-class manufacturing equipment. Testing center has three coordinates measuring instrument, projectors, thickness gauge and magnetic powder flaw detector testing equipment. Over the years is always to provide the service Dongfang Turbine Co., Ltd (DTC for short), Haerbing Turbine Co., Ltd., Xi ‘an Shaangu Power Co., Ltd. (SPC for short), Powchina, space technology research institute of sichuan heavy equipment suppliers to provide services, and many times obtains the title of excellent suppliers.

We will take “enterprise technology, quality, customer satisfaction, sustainable development” principle, based on the fine, then the stronger, the product quality as the survival of the enterprise, put the interests of customers first, to strive to provide more precise and more efficient products and delivery for the user.

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