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China and Ukraine join hands to showcase the straight-line engine

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The 18th Beijing International Air Show (Beijing Air Show) opened on the 18th at the Beijing National Convention Center. Despite the lack of dazzling flight performances at the Zhuhai Air Show, the progress of the Chinese aviation industry reflected by the aviation stars of the Beijing Air Show is also worth savoring.

  The engine has always been the area where military fans are most concerned about China Airlines. According to the "Global Times" reporter, at this Beijing Air Show, the engine is the highlight of the show, in addition to well-known domestic and foreign companies with a multi-type advanced engine public appearance, also held a professional international aviation engine forum.

  As one of the organizers of Beijing Air Show, China Aero Engine Co., Ltd. (China Aviation) exhibited a number of new aero engines. The AEF50E turbofan engine, which was unveiled for the first time, is an unmanned aircraft designed for export. It is mainly used for high-altitude high-speed reconnaissance or inspection of unmanned aerial vehicles, and can also be used in other UAV systems. On the introduction board of China Airlines, the engine was specially marked for the domestic double-lens "cloud-shadow" drone. The latter is China's newly developed high-altitude high-speed drone, which was first exhibited at the Zhuhai Air Show in 2016. According to reports, the Chinese "Pterosaur" and "Rainbow" series of UAVs that are currently shining in the international military market have adopted piston engines or turboprop engines, and the flight speed is relatively slow. If the turbofan engine can be replaced, the flying speed and the striking radius of the drone can be greatly improved.

China Tianjiao Airlines and Ukrainian Madic Corporation jointly exhibited the world's most powerful AI-136T turboshaft engine at the Beijing Air Show for the first time, which is sufficient for the power demand of heavy-duty helicopters. According to the Global Times reporter, the Mi-26 helicopter with the largest weight in the world is equipped with two D-136 engines, and the AI-136T is developed on the basis of the D-136 engine, which intensifies the high temperature and high. Working performance in an altitude environment. At present, China and Russia are planning to jointly develop 40-ton heavy-duty helicopters. It is expected that the forensic delivery will be completed in 2032. Considering that there are very few high-power turboshaft engines that meet the power requirements of this heavy-duty helicopter in the world, and the AI-136T has the strongest realistic competitiveness, whether it will become the source of power for Sino-Russian heavy-duty helicopters, especially the outside world.

  According to the market forecast report released by COMAC on the 18th, in the next 20 years, the Chinese aviation market will receive 958 turbojet aircrafts with more than 50 seats, 6,119 single-pass passenger jets with 120 or more seats, and two-channel jets with more than 250 seats. 2128 passenger aircraft. In order to compete for this huge aviation market, COMAC also exhibited a large-scale model of the C919 large passenger aircraft, the ARJ21 regional passenger aircraft, and the CR929 Sino-Russian long-range wide-body passenger aircraft at this air show. In addition, it also showed the public a 1: With a 1% C919 flight simulator, the audience can experience the driving experience of the C919.

  Sitting in front of a flight simulator similar to the passenger cockpit, Global Times reporters are modern LCD screens, and the ever-changing numbers show the current "flight parameters." Zhao Yongjia, deputy general manager of Oriental Ruifeng Aviation Technology Co., Ltd., who is responsible for the development of the system, said that the flight simulator should reproduce the driving experience of the real aircraft as much as possible in terms of flight performance and visual feedback. The operation logic should be consistent with the real aircraft. . The reporter's feedback on the joystick and the resulting aircraft movements are just like the real C919 passenger aircraft.

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