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China breaks through micro-mechanical gyro technology, bullets are no longer difficult for long eyes

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At the Air Show Weapons Exhibition, which booths reflect the military development level of a country, there are different opinions, engines, and radars. However, the military circle has a default rule. The navigation system is advanced, the weapons must be advanced, the navigation system is backward, and the weapon system must be bloated. Low energy, so the world's senior military strategists, to participate in the booth to watch the content, one of the key items is: navigator, including but not limited to, satellite navigator, laser gyroscope, fiber optic gyroscope, micro-mechanical gyroscope!

  In recent years, Zhuhai Air Show has gradually developed from a relatively simple aviation weapon equipment flight exhibition, with the participation of aerospace, weapons, electronics, and various industrial enterprises. It has developed into a large-scale, world-class weapon technology exhibition, not only It contains only a variety of technologies and equipment, including a wide range of technologies and equipment. In recent years, China’s precision-guided munitions have been blown, and even short-range mortars have grown their eyes, not to mention larger rockets. .

Zhuhai Air Show exhibited a wide range of precision guided munitions. Few people know that China's navigation technology has made significant progress.

  In the past few decades, China has been seriously lagging behind in navigation technology. However, after efforts, China has independently mastered the design and manufacturing technology of high-precision laser gyro, and also includes advanced Beidou satellite navigation technology. These two navigation technologies are mature, making China The advanced nature of large weapons and platforms has a solid foundation. In the aviation industry, navigation technology is backward, so it is easy to fly, not to be sure, to lose the way, this is one of the biggest taboos in combat.

  In recent years, China has made great progress in large-scale weapons, fighter aircraft, long-range missiles, frigates, aircraft carriers, etc. Unconsciously, Chinese scientists and technicians have also broken through the technology of medium-precision small-sized navigators and began to use them in domestically produced ammunition. In terms of transformation, there have been a number of cannonball rockets that have been precisely modified. With the further development of technology, China may even develop precision guided bullets, which is completely versatile!

These inconspicuous navigator black boxes on the stand, in the eyes of senior experts, are the right core cutting-edge technology.

  This is the so-called micro-mechanical gyroscope. Most of the existing designs use the concept of sensing angular velocity with vibrating objects. The micro-mechanical gyroscope designed by using vibration to induce and detect Coriolis force has no rotating parts and no bearings. Like a circuit board, it is mass-produced using micromachining technology.

  Due to its small size and low price, this kind of micro-mechanical gyroscope has good precision, but it has a good effect in short-time flight applications within a few kilometers. This is another wave of precision guided weapons in the world, and the precision of small ammunition.

A large number of sensors including gyroscopes are miniaturized and miniaturized, and the future will be the world of intelligent operations.

  In recent years, the miniaturization and miniaturization of sensors has become a core driving force for the development of new weapons. Countries all over the world are sparing no effort to invest in various sensor technologies, including core gyroscopes. It can be said that gyroscopes were first used for navigation, and then Expanded to aviation, eventually joined the aerospace field, and ruled the flight path of intercontinental missiles. In recent years, gyroscope technology once again led the world's new military revolution!

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