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"Power Tsar" will be acquired, what is the significance of this? Engine or get fast development

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Many people know that although the Wright brothers of the United States completed the test flight of the world's first controllable powered aircraft "Flighter 1" as early as 1903, it was limited to the development of aviation technology, especially engine technology, until the second. For the first time in the end of the World War, humans built jets. Of course, the emergence of jet engine technology has also enabled humans to realize the dream of flying higher, faster and farther. In 1947, American test pilot CE Yeage drove the Bell X1 technical verification machine to become the world's first pilot to break through the sound barrier. It marks the official flight history of human beings into the jet era. Since the war, only fighters have developed for five generations. The United States has occupied a huge strategic advantage by virtue of its advanced aviation technology. So what about China? Despite having a relatively complete industrial system, engine technology has always been a flaw.

However, a recent news may have aroused many people. It is reported that Ukrainian Madic has recently announced that Xinwei Group and Beijing Tianjiao Company have acquired more than 50% of their shares for US$250 million. The company's largest shareholder, however, Madashi's public relations manager Mares said that the deal will also be approved by the Ukrainian Anti-monopoly Commission.

Madic, perhaps many people are relatively new to this name, but in the aviation industry, the name can be said to be as good as the ear, famous, in the country has the name of "power tsar." Founded in 1907, Madic AG is an "antique" company in the aviation industry. Headquartered in Zaporozhye, Ukraine, it is one of the largest aero engine manufacturers in the world and the only one in Ukraine. Large companies with fixed-wing aircraft engines, helicopter engines and industrial turbine manufacturing capabilities. In fact, Madsic AG, which was born in the Russian period, has been focusing on aerodynamic development. Most of the power used by the former Soviet Union in fixed-wing and helicopters comes from Madic, fixed-wing, including the series transport aircraft, the Il series. Passenger aircraft and other series of seaplanes use the engines they developed, and almost all of the former Soviet/Russian helicopters use the turboshaft engine provided by Madic. It is no exaggeration to say that there is no motor west. Oddly, a Soviet aircraft could not fly.

However, all this has changed dramatically since 2011. In that year, Ukraine and Russia officially slandered, Russia annexed the Crimean Peninsula, and since the collapse of the Soviet Union, it relied on cooperation with Russia to continue life of Madic in the Ukrainian government. The strong command to lose the largest market for Russian military aircraft and helicopter supply engines, China's opportunity to follow. Since 2015, Beijing Tianjiao Co., Ltd. has started cooperation with Madic. The two sides have conducted in-depth exchanges and cooperation in the field of aero-engine R&D and manufacturing. The former also injected a lot of money into the already-deficient Madic, just like Madai. Qi president Bogusrayev said that without funds from China, Madic is finished! This holding and acquisition is just a further expansion of the cooperation between the two parties. Ukrainian technology combined with China's funds will inevitably greatly promote the rapid development of China's aviation power industry, especially in the research and development of new jet engines such as ws15. I am afraid that the rich experience will play a big role in promoting.

Of course, the acquisition of "powered tsar" may not be so simple from now on, almost at the same time the news that the US national security adviser Bolton intends to prevent the acquisition of Madsic, but the Americans refused Chinese companies to buy Ukrainian companies. However, it is not intended to save Madsic, this operation is simply jaw-dropping, but for this reason, the approval of the Ukrainian Anti-Monopoly Committee is not so easy to get.

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