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Boeing 737 Max's go-around continues to be blocked US airlines announced the cancellation of flights

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It has been nearly six months since airlines around the world were forced to ground any 737 Max commercial jets in their respective fleets. The decision was made after two terrible crashes took hundreds of lives, and Boeing’s flight control software was thought to be the cause of the two accidents.

Now, despite the software update for the 737 Max aircraft, Boeing seems to have not taken enough steps to get the new jet to go around. As CNN reported, American Airlines has just announced the extension of the Boeing 737 Max to December 3, which highlights the seriousness of the problem.

American Airlines said it will cancel up to 140 flights a day between November and December 3. United Airlines recently extended the Boeing 737 Max flight to December, and Southwest Airlines delayed its schedule until early January 2020, eliminating the possibility of passengers on board the holiday.

Boeing's 737 Max is one of the company's most popular commercial aircraft, and every day the aircraft is grounded means that the company that invested in them will suffer huge losses.

No one is sure when the Boeing 737 Max can fly again, even if they are considered ready to fly to the sky, the airline is not sure how the travel public will react. Some airlines are considering renaming them to deal with the crisis of trust caused by the 737 Max aircraft.

      As early as June, a poll of thousands of air travellers showed that about half of the passengers would take the initiative to avoid these aircraft in the future, while only 14% said they would be willing to board the 737 Max.

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