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Using the Boeing 737MAX to ground the aircraft, Russia wants to push its own airliner to compete for the aviation market.

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Russian media said that the Russian National Transport Leasing Company (GTLK) is studying how to push the MC-21 passenger aircraft to the export market. Analysts are thinking about how the airliner will not repeat the fate of the Sukhoi airliner.

  According to a report on the Russian "Expert" weekly website on August 27, GTLK is currently aiming to complete the goal of supplying the latest MC-21 passenger aircraft to overseas markets. The company's general manager Sergei Heramagin announced at a press conference that the company is developing the international leasing platform GTLK Global Business.

  Herramaki said: "Our goal is to use this platform to push the aircraft to the export market. We are actively setting up offices. The teams in Dublin, Dubai and Hong Kong are also formed for this purpose."

  According to reports, the MC-21-300 is a new generation of medium and short-range trunk passenger aircraft with a capacity of 150 to 211 passengers. Anna Slapakova, director of the evaluation department of "European Experts", pointed out that the Russian modern domestic aviation industry has introduced two new passenger aircraft in civil aviation products: Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ-100) and MC- 21. In 2017, the MC-21 made its first flight. The MC-21's competitive advantage is that the fuselage is larger in diameter and can accommodate more seats, fuel consumption and harmful emissions than the Boeing 737MAX and Airbus A320neo.

  Slapakova said that the mass production time of the MC-21 has been postponed repeatedly and is currently scheduled for 2021. However, considering that Russia's United Aircraft Manufacturing Company and Russia's National Technology Corporation continue to withstand the pressure of sanctions, and the lack of trust in Russian aviation technology equipment after the SSJ-100 accident continues, the date of mass production of the MC-21 is very high. May be postponed again.

  Slapakova also said that in the context of the Boeing 737MAX grounding turmoil, there is the possibility that Russian aircraft will occupy a part of the short-haul trunk airliner market. Countries that are likely to purchase the MC-21 include Mexico, Ireland, Armenia and Turkey.

  According to the report, Mark Goyhman, head of the analysis group of the Financial Technology and Analysis Center, said that the Russian aircraft manufacturing industry is still not developed enough and is not competitive. Foreign manufacturers, headed by Boeing and Airbus, dominate the global and Russian and international routes, which only exacerbates the difficulties facing the Russian aviation industry and exports. The problem is mainly in mass production: the more a certain brand of aircraft is produced, the lower the manufacturing and maintenance costs, and the higher the suitability of international airlines and airports for the aircraft. Goihman believes that these factors have made the MC-21's export prospects very serious.

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