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Close look at the Su 57 stealth fighter: the belly of the belly door is not tightly stitched

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The 6-day 2019 Moscow International Aerospace Exhibition (Moscow Air Show) kicked off on the 27th in the city of Zhukovsky on the outskirts of Moscow. Early in the morning on the 27th, the "Global Times" reporter rushed to the air show site, went straight to the heart of the Russian Su-57 stealth fighter. As the first exhibit of this year's air show star show to the public, Su-57 was surrounded by reporters from various countries. Various photographic equipments of "long guns and short guns" kept aiming at it and pressed the shutter. Different from the aerial gaze that can only be seen from the video in the past, the Global Times saw the Su-57 when it was close-up. It found that the anti-Western description of the "Russian weapons are rough" stereotypes, the appearance is quite smooth. However, there seems to be room for improvement in the details. For example, the hatch of the belly chamber does not look exactly fit.

Russia’s “Viewpoint” said on the 27th that the Russian Air Force has ordered 76 Su-57s as the new generation of main fighters. The reason why this stealth fighter has received much attention at this year's air show is also closely related to its future exports. The Russian News Agency said on the 27th that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Erdogan jointly attended the opening ceremony of the Moscow Airlines. Putin said in a speech: "I welcome the participants and guests of the Moscow Air Show. First of all, our dear friend, President Erdogan of the Republic of Turkey. I believe that all foreign partners, including the Turkish delegation, will be on the Russian aviation industry. Achievements and interest in Russian aviation technology. This will open up new opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation. The world's focus on the Moscow Air Show is recognition of Russia's high-tech and export potential, as well as its unique aircraft manufacturing tradition."

  Later, Erdogan visited the air show and watched the Su-57 and Su-35 fighters. The presidents of the two countries also climbed the ladder and watched the cockpit of the Su-57. Erdogan became the first foreign leader to watch the Su-57 cockpit. As the United States purchased Turkish-made S-400 anti-aircraft missiles from Turkey, Turkey kicked out the US F-35 stealth fighter program. Therefore, whether Turkey will switch to Russia to purchase Su-57 is particularly concerned. Russian satellite network described on the 27th that Erdogan asked Putin in front of Su-57: "Can you buy it?" Putin paused and smiled and said, "You can buy." Then the two laughed together.

In addition to Su-57, Su-30SM, Su-35 fighter, "hunter" heavy attack drone, Il-78M-90A aerial refueling aircraft and other Russian military main equipment also appeared. The "Global Times" reporter also unexpectedly discovered that the Su-47 "Golden Eagle" technical verification machine with a sci-fi appearance also appeared at the air show. This special fighter with forward swept wing design was considered the benchmark of Russia's future fighters in the early 21st century, but the aircraft only stayed in the technical verification machine stage and did not really serve. In terms of appearance, it is quite well preserved. Su-47 and Su-57 appeared in the same field, can not help but sigh, after all, its accumulated experience in development and flight test provides important help for a new generation of fighters such as Su-57.

  In addition, Russia also demonstrated its achievements in the space field, in which the physical model of the nuclear-powered spacecraft spacecraft made its debut. It will be used to transport materials in deep space exploration projects and will play a key role in the future construction of alien bases.

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