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Aviation steel, technology has broken through, but the gap is obvious

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Earlier, an official newspaper published a series of articles, published 35 key technologies of the Chinese neck, which caused a lot of discussion. The Chinese suddenly realized that they wanted to become a strong country, and the road was long and long. We will do a special topic on this, and analyze the key technologies of these cards in our neck. Today, we talk about aviation steel that is closely related to the development of China's domestic large aircraft.

I believe everyone remembers that last year's Sichuan Airlines flight 3U8633 from Chongqing to Lhasa, the passenger plane arrived at high altitude and suddenly encountered accidental glass shedding. Eventually, under the captain's efforts, the entire passenger plane was able to make a smooth landing. From the news screen at the time, we saw that the passenger plane was overweight and slid because of the emergency landing, and the tires were paralyzed, but still achieved a safe landing. In fact, such a forced landing is very deadly if there is no good landing gear. So what is a "good" landing gear, this has to mention high-strength steel, or aviation steel.

It is not easy to support a tens to hundreds of tons of passenger aircraft, not to mention the landing gear is the only component that plays a supporting role when the aircraft rises and falls. This means that the material used for the landing gear must be very tough, which is only possible with special steel. At present, the most widely used products are the 300M steel produced in the United States, which uses almost 100% vacuum heat treatment technology, thus avoiding the defects of many ordinary steels and making the quality nearly perfect. What we need to face is that although China has made certain breakthroughs in special steel, the ultra-strength steel that can be used to make the landing gear is still unable to reach the current level in the United States. From time to time, internal cracks, sulfide inclusions, etc. will still occur. problem. These problems are actually related to smelting, and the purity of our smelting process is not enough. This is the biggest disadvantage, which also indicates that we still need to continue to strengthen the purity smelting technology. It is precisely because of the lack of first-class aviation special steel, when China proposed the domestic passenger aircraft C919 project, the Western media ridiculed that "even steel can not be produced, if the United States does not sell 300M steel, China may not be able to make it."

Of course, China's steel products are not as bad as the Western media described. Rationally, China's overall steel quality can meet the requirements of national economic development, national defense military, and equipment manufacturing. It is noteworthy that China Baosteel Special Steel Co., Ltd. exhibited a 300M ultra-high-strength steel developed by the company at the previous Shanghai Air Show, which is crucial for the C919 and subsequent models. good news. However, it is also necessary to remind the people that achieving a breakthrough does not mean that they can directly overtake, the gap is still there, and my generation still needs to continue to work hard!

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