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Philippine established space agency to strengthen cooperation with Russia Expert: Do it for Americans

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Philippine President Duterte recently signed the "Filipino Space Law" to determine the development goals of the Philippines as a country with space research capabilities and space capabilities in the next 10 years, and announced the establishment of the Philippine Space Agency.

So why did the Philippines announce the establishment of the space agency at this time? Is it capable of accomplishing its aerospace strategic goals? On the relevant topic, military observer Song Xinzhi made an in-depth interpretation for you.

Military observer Song Xinzhi believes that aerospace science and technology can drive the development of the national economy. The Philippines, as an agricultural country, wants to improve the agricultural level and develop the national economy by developing aerospace technology.

Song Xinzhi:

Recently, the President of the Philippines, Duterte, announced the establishment of the National Space Administration and proposed to vigorously develop aerospace technology, mainly because, to date, aerospace technology is one of the most complex and cutting-edge important high-tech projects in human society. Whether it has a place in the field of international space science and technology, whether a country is strong, and whether it has an important sign of subsequent development capabilities.

Nowadays, aerospace technology is not only a satellite and a rocket. It also includes new materials, new detection methods, new communication means, and even agricultural variety improvement, environmental monitoring, geography and meteorological research. Without these technologies, they can only stay at a low level and fail to form a leading role in the national economy of a country. The Philippines is basically an agricultural country. Without the promotion and guidance of aerospace technology, it is difficult to have a large development space for agricultural production.

Military observer Song Xinzhi believes that the Philippine aviation technology base is weak, and the development of new aircraft is still difficult. To develop aerospace undertakings with higher requirements for science and technology, we can only rely on external cooperation.

Song Xinzhi:

For the Philippines, let alone the development of aerospace, even the ability to develop aviation is basically zero. All the aviation equipment in the Philippines is now purchased from abroad. The most advanced is the FA-50 bought from South Korea, which is a plane nicknamed "Golden Eagle". This aircraft is a combat trainer. Its avionics, voyage and other aspects have not reached the standard of a real fighter. It is just a trainer plus an attack aircraft. If it is air combat with others, it is not cheap at all. This aircraft is the most advanced in the Philippines, a total of 12 aircraft.

In addition, the Philippines often has problems when using aircraft, such as bombing the wrong target, which means that the performance of the aircraft is not good. Why is there such a state? Because the aviation industry in the Philippines is very backward, it can only be tinkered and there is no research and development at all. As for the aerospace industry, it is completely zero and there is no technology. Therefore, I think that although the Philippines has set up the National Space Agency and wants to vigorously develop the aerospace industry, if it does not rely on external forces, I am afraid that nothing will happen.

The analysis of military observer Song Xinzhi, after the establishment of the space agency in the Philippines, will strengthen cooperation with Russia in the field of space technology, while improving its level of aerospace technology, but also enhance its position in the competition of big countries.

Song Xinzhi:

The Philippines will now focus on strengthening cooperation with Russia in the field of space technology. Russia used to be a very powerful aerospace science and technology country with a very good foundation in large thrust rockets, manned space flight, satellite technology, and deep space research. Russia is also willing to cooperate with the Philippines in some related fields, which will promote the improvement of the space science and technology capabilities of the Philippines.

Of course, the space cooperation between the Philippines and Russia is actually for the Americans. It is a very dissatisfied attitude towards the recent accusations of the United States against the Philippines. Show a gesture like this: If the United States does not support me or is not friendly, then my Philippines will turn to Russia.

Therefore, I believe that the establishment of the space agency in the Philippines and the claim to strengthen or speed up cooperation with Russia in the field of space science and technology are for the Americans. It is a stone and two birds and wants to enhance its position in the competition among big powers.

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