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British Airways launches groundbreaking "future flight" research report

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British Airways' global travel report states that ultra-personalized, immersive virtual reality, 3D printing health solutions, modular aircraft connecting urban infrastructure, hypersonic flight, and the rise of ultra-slow "cruise aircraft" Will be part of the future air travel.

The British Airways 2119: Future Flight report was written by British Airways in collaboration with the prestigious data-oriented trend research organization, Foresight Factory, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of British Airways. This report is one of the largest global consumer travel studies in the same category. The report surveyed 13,000 consumers from 10 countries and consulted renowned industry experts and futurists to describe the next 20 years and 40 years. Future aviation vision for 60 years or even 100 years.

The main findings and possible outcomes of the report include:

The report found that consumers want a more personalized flight experience. A total of 46% of respondents want flights with dedicated public spaces for social activities, a desire that is particularly prominent in emerging markets, with 55% of Chinese respondents expressing this desire.

In the future, aircraft seats can be equipped with bio-scanners to collect passengers' physiological and nutritional needs to improve the personalized flight experience. Using this data, food and beverage recommendations can be tailored to the individual needs of passengers and 3D printing on the aircraft to meet passenger demand.

How passengers adapt to their destination – whether it's jet lag or pre-trip health care preparations – will be a thing of the past, as 3D printers can also be used to print personalized health supplements.

The passenger seat provides artificial intelligence and personalization services, integrating cloud-based work facilities and entertainment services. The holographic flight attendants can handle the basic problems and requests of passengers, allowing cabin crews to have more time and passengers to add more value. interactive.

The vast majority of consumers, including 68% of Chinese consumers, believe that the airline's "cabin class" system will be cancelled in the future, and customized package services will emerge, when consumers will be able to choose different spaces and entertainment services to purchase. Customizable flight experience.

The study found that consumer demand for convenience and personal autonomy has become another major trend, with passengers particularly hoping to accelerate the overall travel experience during the flight. For example, 73% of passengers (including 90% of Chinese passengers) want to complete the entry and visa procedures on the plane. 63% of consumers want to have a flight butler, arrange a hotel for the passengers to land after landing, and 56% of consumers want to book a pick-up taxi on the plane.

These requirements may result in a comprehensive super-ring transportation system that delivers passengers of different modules directly to designated passenger cabins according to passenger requirements. When the module passes the Hyper-loop tunnel, the system automatically handles procedures such as registration and visa inspection, and records passengers' food, beverage and entertainment preferences.

The environment is another consideration for travellers, with 43% of respondents (including 53% of Chinese passengers) willing to pay higher prices for more environmentally friendly flights. Passengers' concern for environmental protection has exceeded demand for speed, and 45% of respondents said they would rather endure the slowest flight if they were more environmentally friendly.

Experts predict that in order to meet consumer demand, there will be aircraft powered by electric and alternative fuels that can be charged in the air using airborne charging stations to maintain long-range navigation.

The emergence of the next generation of supersonic jets will significantly reduce flight time – the average flight time from New York to London will be reduced from 7 hours to 3 hours, but the report predicts that consumers will want to start their vacations in a relaxed and laid-back way, the future In the past 50 years, there will be a slower experiential flight trend.

Such flights may use "air cruise" flight form, carrying passengers flying over the Pyramids and other attractions at a slower speed, and interactive virtual reality guides will provide passengers with an immersive full-scale commentary. Passengers travelling on cruising planes can also choose other services, including on-board yoga, meditation or art classes.

Alex Cruz, Chairman and CEO of British Airways, said (Alex Cruz): "British Airways 2119: Future Flight Report" not only provides us with unprecedented insights, but also helps us understand the global consumer flight The current feelings also allow us to see passengers' expectations for future airlines. In the past decade alone, the aviation industry and flight experience have undergone major changes, including improved fuel efficiency, noise reduction, cabin design and luxury experience. Out, at this speed, the prophecies that seem like the Arabian Nights will eventually become a reality.

“It’s really exciting to commemorate our centennial birthday in this way. Together with our outstanding partners from industry and academia, we remember this history, grasp the present and anticipate the future through this report.”

Foresight Factory's consulting director Josh McBan said: "The aviation industry is an industry that is always at the forefront of innovation. Aviation people are committed to developing new technologies that make flying faster, safer and more environmentally friendly than ever before.

“We interviewed more than 13,000 respondents from 8 countries and collected insights for this report. This information shows us the clearest picture ever, telling our customers about their future flight experience, our future and our future. Scientists and aviation experts have jointly painted an exciting picture. From air cruises that provide flying yoga to solar planes and air stations, the aviation industry in the next century will further expand the technological frontier and achieve a flight beyond current awareness. Experience. British Airways is a company that has always stood in the vanguard of aviation technology. It is a pleasure to work with them and wish British Airways a happy birthday."

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