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Understand the aero engine! What is the special pearl in the crown of modern industry?

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Modern aviation aircraft technology has developed so rapidly that it can be said that it is closely related to the application of modern technology in aircraft. Among them, the core of the aircraft - the engine, is the core drive to advance the advancement of aircraft technology. Aeroengines are very important. Many countries compare them to the jewels of the modern industry. So where is it special?

It should be said that the most special thing about it is that its threshold is too high. As the saying goes, things are rare, when a technology is in the hands of a few people or a few countries, and other countries must have the goods produced by this technology, this technology is very popular, others can not master, It is very important. The reason why aero engines are important is that many countries do not have the ability to manufacture aero engines. The main reason is that aero engines integrate many cutting-edge technologies in modern industry. The system design is very complicated. Aeroengines are metallurgical, rubber and petrochemical for the country. The basic industrial sectors such as light industry, electronics, and machinery are highly correlated, and their manufacturing measures the comprehensive industrial capabilities of a country. To build a high-performance aero engine, you must pass the following levels.

The first level is the high temperature problem of the engine. The modern jet engine is essentially different from the previous propeller engine. Usually, the gas turbine engine is used. In order to generate more work, it is necessary to continuously increase the engine gas temperature. And most of our metals usually have a melting point of around 1500 degrees. Above this temperature, the machine may be melted. In order to obtain a large amount of work, people use alloys to solve the problem of gas temperature rise, and this alloy is light in weight because it is resistant to high temperatures, which can greatly improve the thrust-to-weight ratio of the engine. It can be said that the key to engine technology is the aviation power. We can say that this technology is tight-lipped.

The second level is a matter of materials and manufacturing processes. The aero-engine is an extremely precise instrument. The interior is extremely complicated and precise. The assembly requirements are very high. Zero errors must be made. The materials that make up the engine are not too tight in strength and hardness, and the performance of the engine is also reduced. Therefore, even if a powerful engine is designed, the country's materials and manufacturing processes will not work, and the engine will not be produced.

The third level is that the reliability requirements of aero engines are very high. Unlike the engines used on vehicles on the ground, the reliability requirements of aero-engines are very high. The main reason is that if the aircraft is faulty in the air, it is absolutely impossible to stop the aircraft during flight, which is very likely to cause the aircraft. The consequences of ruining people. At present, the air parking rate per a million flight hours of an aeroengine is only allowed to be 2 to 5 times. This requirement is almost abnormal and is not comparable to any other industrial products. Therefore, even if the country designed the engine, the reliability is not qualified, it is still a pile of scrap iron.

In addition, the development of aero engines is very difficult and highly dependent on the test and high performance facilities. In the aviation industry, there is a saying that "aero-engines are tried out." The development follows the iterative process of research-design-test-modification-re-test. The procedure is extremely complicated. Even after design, it usually takes 100,000 hours. The parts test and the 10,000-hour machine test, any one link, even a small problem, may cause the test to fail. Therefore, it is not surprising that aero-engines keep most countries out of the door.

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