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Korean Air 500MD unmanned helicopter completed the first test flight

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Recently, the 500MD unmanned helicopter (KUS-VH) developed by Korean Air successfully completed its first test flight. The test flight took place at the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) Aviation Center in Happy County, Jeollanam-do. The test flight was unmanned and the flight time was about 30 minutes.

As the world's leading airline, Korean Air has a diversified business layout, not only in the passenger and cargo transportation of civil aviation, but also achieved good results in the field of aerospace research and development. The Aerospace Business Division is the division of Korean Air's aerospace business. It mainly produces aircraft components and provides military aircraft maintenance and overhaul services. It also participates in the design and manufacturing of aerospace vehicles. Clients include Boeing, Airbus, the US Air Force and relevant government agencies in Korea.

Entrusted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of Korea, Korean Air began the unmanned transformation of 500MD helicopters in 2014. In this test flight, after the 500MD unmanned helicopter took off, the hover test was successfully carried out at a height of 10 meters from the ground, and the initial verification of the reliability and safety of the unmanned flight control system was completed and the government was obtained. Special aircraft airworthiness certificate issued by the department.

Korean Air will gradually expand its flight area and operating height by developing more features of the 500MD unmanned helicopter, and further demonstrate the capability and superior flight performance of the 500MD drone operating mission equipment, while also reflecting Market and customer needs in the next two years.

Korean Air’s aviation division is a leading company in the Korean aviation industry, and the successful flight test of the 500MD unmanned helicopter demonstrates Korean Air’s strong R&D capabilities in the field of drones. The 500MD unmanned helicopter is equipped with an advanced flight control computer, integrated navigation system, propulsion controller and electromechanical rotor actuator. Jiang Zong, Dean of the Korean Aeronautical Aviation Technology Research Institute, said: "The successful flight test of the 500MD unmanned helicopter proves our unmanned aerial vehicle technology. We also look forward to fixed-wing UAVs such as the F-5 and UH-1H and UH-60. The test flight of the unmanned helicopter was successful."

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