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The Canadian aviation industry is under the pressure of the United States, and the production line is sold to Japan and Europe.

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The international civil aviation industry has always been very stable. It is commonly known as the two major plus two small. The two majors are the large aircraft market, which is Airbus and Boeing. The two small and medium-sized aircraft markets are divided by Canadian Bombardier and Brazilian Airlines. The pattern of +2 has been stable for decades, and finally finally ushered in a big crash: the two big two completely disappeared and were completely swallowed up by the two!

  This is the largest acquisition in the civil aviation industry recently. Due to Boeing’s malicious lawsuit, Bombardier Inc. of Canada was bankrupt and forced to join Airbus. In October 2018, Airbus acquired the C Series of Bombardier Inc. of Canada for 1 Euro. Production line, the two sides set up a joint venture company, Airbus Holdings 50.01%, and the transformation of the C series aircraft for the Airbus A220, struggling at the 100-150 seat level, connected to the Airbus A320NEO, from the 100-200 seat level to form a seamless connection, no Give Boeing any chance.

Bombardier of Canada sold the large jetliner business and got out of the debt trap. Boeing is not willing to show weakness. Boeing proposed a strategy to acquire Brazil Airlines to deal with the low-end impact of Airbus. Boeing acquired the commercial airliner and service business of Embraer and established a joint venture. Boeing holds 80% of the new company and controls the operation and management rights. The airline industry accounts for 20% of the shares. The airline industry still operates the military aircraft business independently. This plan was approved by the Brazilian government on January 10 this year. Boeing spent 3.8 billion US dollars. Final approval will be completed by the end of the year.

  No one expected that this was not the end, but a starting point. After Bombardier sold the C-series large jetliner production line, it did not stop, but continued to sell, and sold the 8Q400 prop aircraft production line to Viking. 300 million US dollars.

Rushing 8Q400 to sell 1,250, it is the leader of the propeller regional aircraft. The remaining CRJ small jetliner production line was sold to Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan for US$450 million to build a more powerful small jet company with the Mitsubishi MRJ jet regional aircraft to reserve a place for Japan in the civil aviation aircraft market. .

  The CRJ jet family sold 1900 aircraft and had a huge market share, which made the Japanese have a better foundation for continued expansion. However, after the completion of the transaction, Bombardier will permanently withdraw from the civil aircraft market and retreat from the Bank of China. At this point, the Canadian aviation industry was almost completely destroyed, leaving only the business jets with high profits but few orders, including the Challenger and Global Express two business jets, and the Gulfstream Business Jet Company and the French Dassault Corporation continued to be in the business jet. The market is fighting.

Canada's Bombardier's CRJ series of linear airliners are selling well, but the profit margins are far from Boeing. Bombardier's exit from the aviation industry, the biggest cause is to break through the past and Boeing Airbus default 100-seat level limit, and develop large-scale civil aircraft of 110-130-seat level. At the beginning of development, public opinion predicted that Boeing would not Will be good to rest, but the ambitious Bombardier company regardless of, regardless of the Boeing company attack, the US Department of Commerce 300% fine, making Bombardier finally to the road!

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