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Airbus announces launch of ultra-long-range A321XLR project

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European aircraft manufacturing giant Airbus announced on the opening day of the 53rd Paris-Bourget International Aerospace Exhibition (Paris Air Show) that it officially launched the A321XLR project, the farthest single-passenger aircraft. The model will be the newest member of the Airbus A321neo family of aircraft.  

According to the announcement, the A321XLR aircraft is the next revolutionary move by Airbus in response to market demand for longer range voyages. It will reduce fuel consumption by 30% compared to the previous generation of competing models, thus creating more value for airlines.   

Starting in 2023, the A321XLR will be able to offer an unprecedented long-range voyage of up to 4,700 nautical miles, a 15% increase in range compared to the long-range A321LR, and with the same fuel efficiency.   

Airbus said that with this increased voyage, airlines will be able to use single-aisle aircraft with lower operating costs to operate on routes with longer voyages but relatively fewer passenger flows, and many of these routes can only be larger But the more efficient wide-body aircraft provide services.   

Specifically, this new model will enable operators to open new routes around the world, such as India to Europe or China to Australia, and further expand the A321neo series of aircraft in Europe and the United States without direct flights to the transatlantic Route network.

On the 17th, Lebanon’s Middle East Airlines and Airbus signed an agreement to order four ultra-long-range A321XLR aircraft, making it the launcher of the latest improved model. The Los Angeles-based Airline Leasing Company (ALC) also signed an agreement with Airbus on the same day to order 27 of the aircraft.   

It is reported that the Airbus A320neo series is the world's best-selling single-aisle aircraft series. Since the launch of the project in 2010, the A320neo series aircraft has received more than 6,500 confirmed orders from more than 100 customers. The model uses the latest technology, including a new generation of engines and shark fins, which significantly reduces fuel consumption compared to previous generation models.

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