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Applying for UFO patents, US military experts were dismissed! Navy’s high-level death insurance, because big countries compete

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The US drive website reported on June 28 that an aerospace engineer in the US Navy claimed to have invented several major aeronautical technology patents. One of the patents describes a “hybrid aerospace-underwater vehicle” that uses a revolutionary electromagnetic propulsion system to achieve truly extraordinary speed and maneuverability in air, water and outer space. The USPTO initially dismissed this patent application with a folk color and UFO-like patent, but the US Navy executives personally wrote a letter to the Patent Office claiming that the US needed the patent because China has already been in these aviation technologies. Make a big investment!"

The mysterious US Navy aviation engineer is called Selvato Sezzar Pais. There is almost no information on the network about Salvatore Sezzar Paez. The outside world only knows that he obtained a Ph.D. in mechanical and aerospace engineering in 1999. He is currently an aviation engineer at the US Navy's NAWCAD base, which is the largest aircraft test base of the US Navy. Over the years, Pais has published several articles at the American Aerospace Society meeting, describing his work on electromagnetic propulsion and revolutionary room temperature superconductors.

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